Finding the right home

Finding the right home- the first steps

Once you have seen the brochure for Wisteria Lodge residential care and nursing home and have decided to make further enquires the following steps may be useful for you to follow:

  • Telephone the Home
    Telephone Wisteria Lodge to make enquiries about vacancies and suitability of a nursing or residential care placement of yourself / relative / friend.
  • Make an appointment to view the Home
    You are very welcome to have an introductory look around without prior notice at any time. However, if you wish to discuss the nursing, care or financial side of the placement, an appointment with the Jane, the Registered Manager would be advisable.
  • View Wisteria Lodge
    During this visit you may wish to leave details about the prospective resident.These details may include relevant names, addresses, contact details, medical history, GP, age , level of nursing or care dependency and physical and mental health care needs. We would also need to know any specialist requirements at this time to ensure we can provide the level of care or nursing required.
  • Make an appointment to speak to the Manager
    Whislt visiting at Wisteria Lodge, Jane will provide you with the relevant financial information. Jane will advise you on the cost of the room based on nursing or care needs, any benefits that you may be entitled to such as Attendance Allowance and help from Social Services. She will advise of any other costs involved such as hairdressing and chiropody.

The admission process

Prior to admission to Wisteria Lodge a Pre-Assessment must take place.  The Pre-Assessment is made by two of our nurses or carers and is an essential informal meeting to determine that Wisteria Lodge can meet your care or nursing needs.  The Pre-Assessment can take place in your own home or in the hospital or at Wisteria Lodge.  A Care Plan will later be devised by the Nurse and Senior Carer in consultation with you and or your family based on that information.

If we or you are unable to visit personally due to the distance involved or an emergency admission then with your permission we will speak to a member of the multi-disciplinary team who you will most likely know. We will gain information to ensure we can provide the nursing or residential care required.

Once the pre-admission assessment and financial details have been mutually agreed upon, we can then welcome you to Wisteria Lodge and help you settle in.

Once admitted

An Agreement of Residence will be issued to confirm the agreed terms and conditions of residency.

If you are moving to Wisteria Lodge from outside of the area, then it may be necessary to register with a new GP. This is a personal choice and we can inform you of the practices that are taking on new patients at the time of admission.

Plan of Care - Your plan of care is prepared based on the pre-admission assessment and in consultation with you and your family.  The Plan of Care will be reviewed at least monthly or sooner if there are any changes to your health or nursing requirements.

Emergency Admissions - In the event of an emergency to the Home a 24 hour assessment is completed which is then used to prepare your Plan of Care as above.