Help & Advice

Pre-Admission Assessment

If you think you or a family member may need to go into a residential care or nursing home, the first step should be to contact the Social Services department of your local council (Hampshire is 0845 603 5630) or the hospital social worker if you are in hospital to request a ‘needs assessment’. The care manager or social worker will carry out the needs assessment to establish what your care needs are and if you need to move to a care home or a nursing home.  Wisteria Lodge can offer both nursing and residential care.

Once social services have carried out a needs assessment, they will make a recommendation about the type of care home you need. They then carry out a financial assessment of your income and savings to see how much you are able to contribute towards your care home or nursing home fees. The financial assessment should always take place after a needs assessment.

If you are paying your own fees, you can make your own arrangements to move into a care or nursing home, but we strongly recommend that you still have your needs assessed by your local council social services. Even if you will be paying your own fees, social services cannot refuse to assess your needs or provide you with a statement of your needs. This is because social services have a duty to provide everyone with a needs assessment if it appears they may be in need of services. Social services will be able to advise on whether they regard you as needing residential care or nursing care and if so, what type of care home. This is important because if you spend your savings until they reduce to the upper capital threshold (currently £23,250), social services then have a duty to take responsibility for part of your care home fees.

If the financial assessment determines that social services should contribute towards your care home fees, less whatever you are able to contribute, the social worker should provide you with a written statement of your individual needs, describing how your needs will be met. This is known as your care plan. You should also be given a list of care homes that are willing to accept the ‘standard rate or usual cost’ of the local council. This is the amount that the local council is willing to pay for your assessed level of needs.

For further information please visit Independent Age on 0845 262 1863 or visit their website: or visit